St. John Paul II

Arguably the most athletic pope in history, St. John Paul II loved canoeing, skiing, hiking and every other outdoor activity! He often left the Vatican to go on "secret" skiing trips!

Bl. Chiara Badano

Chiara Badano was in many ways an "ordinary" teenager and frequently played sports, sang, danced and stayed out late with friends. Tennis was one of her favorite activities.

Bl. Solanus Casey

A simple Franciscan, Solanus Casey loved to play the violin and it was one of his favorite activities.

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Frassati loved to drink wine and party with his friends. He also loved to climb and ski with his friends, often seeking out the highest peaks.

Ven. Carlo Acutis

A "computer geek," Carlo Acutis loved to play video games, though had to keep it to one hour a week so that he wouldn't become addicted to it.

St. Louis Martin

Father of St. Therese of Lisieux, Louis Martin loved to fish and would often take his beloved daughter with him on fishing trips.