Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The award-winning singers are happy to share pictures of their adorable Bracco Italiano, aptly named Stromboli, sneaking a snooze.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

New mom Katherine Schwarzenegger is happy to pose with her adopted dog Maverick, whose posing skills -- have you seen that raised ear? -- are surely an equal match to his dog daddy, actor Chris Pratt.

Mark Wahlberg

It's not surprising that Mark Wahlberg's dog has his own Instagram page. The family's gorgeous Pomeranian, Champ, seems to have nailed being a celebrity dog.

Jimmy Fallon

The talk show host might be used to chatting away with some of Hollywood's most familiar faces, but his quarantine "interview" with his dog, Gary, is probably one of his cutest.

Kelly Ripa

The actress and talk show host's little Shih Tzu, called Chewie, poses beautifully with her perfectly groomed bobbed hair framing a face that seems loving and wise.

Patricia Heaton

Heaton's Labradoodles are furry bundles of delight. Cobber and Casbah certainly keep the actress busy as she regularly shares their exploits on Twitter.

Martin Sheen

Although this isn't Sheen's own dog, he gets a special mention for his beautiful documentary, War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes, which shows the bravery of these top dogs in service. Thousands of dogs fought in Vietnam and other conflicts, and dogs still save lives in active service today.