The Great East Winow from the street

A view of the largest work of Medieval stained glass in the world. It is a little larger than a tennis court.

The Great East Window from within York Minster

This image only shows about 100 of the 311 glass panels of the Great East Window.

Creation of Man

The top row of stained glass panels illustrates the story of the 7 days of Creation.

David and Goliath

The Great East Window uses the next few rows to relate several different accounts from the Old Testament.

St. John of Patmos with Angel

After a few choice Old Testament panels the focus turns to the revelation.

The Fourth Horseman

The impressive array of artistically crafted panels also includes a depiction of each of the Four Horsemen of the the Apocalypse.

Angels recieving the seven trumpets

Here the heralds of the Apocalypse are given their horns. The following seven pannels depict each of the trumpeters.

The Angel with the Everlasting Gospel

Here is a reference to Revelation 14:6, where an angel holds the Everlasting Gospel for "every nation, tribe, language and people”

The Seven Bowls

In Revelation, God gave seven angels each a bowl containing plagues filled with his wrath.

Resurrection of the Dead

Here is a representation of the Resurrection of the Dead, foretold in the New Testament and remembered at every Mass during the Nicene Creed.

Christ in Majesty

The final panel which concerns itself with biblical accounts shows Christ the King, reigning in Majesty.

A worker replacing a stained glass window

Here we see a dedicated worker carfully replacing the fragile glass window. If all goes well, the fully restored Great  East Window will be presented in May, 2020.