10 Celebrities whose marriages have stood the test of time

Jim Caviezel and Kerri Browitt

This well-loved actor, who famously took on the role of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, has been married to his wife since 1996. In a deliberate decision to give a home to those in need, the devout couple adopted three children together, all of whom had cancer.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The Christian singer and producer has three children with her husband of 22 years, Tim McGraw. Part of the success behind their successful marriage might just be the sweet duets the couple performs together, although Hill shared that they are committed to spending one-on-one time: "Funny, as we get older it's less about the big gestures and more about just spending the time together at home."

Gary Sinise and Moira Harris

Sinise is probably most famous for his roles in Forrest Gump and CSI: NY and his efforts in serving the country's veterans. He married his wife in 1981. The couple were both confirmed in the Catholic faith later in life, with Sinise's confirmation taking place on Christmas Eve 2010, surrounded by his family. He shared that "the Church has been a rock for me and my family in some of our darkest and most difficult times."

Steve and Nancy Carell

Funnyman Carell married his wife in 1995 and the couple went on to have a daughter and son. He cites a moment he'll never forget as "standing at the altar as my wife came down the aisle. I was overcome by a sense of calm that was very indicative of what a great decision it was."

Patricia Heaton and David Hunt

The popular actress has been married to British actor David Hunt for 28 years. The couple has four sons together and Heaton, who is vocal about her pro-life stance, also shares how humor, developing your own interests, and counseling are key to a successful marriage: "Go to a marriage counselor. And go in with the idea that you have to solve the problem, not dissolve the marriage—you're not just going in thinking it’s over."

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan not only work together but parent five children. Married in 2003, the couple went through the harrowing experience of Jeannie being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017, which was successfully removed after extensive surgery. Gaffigan seems to see the funny side of marital life, with the comedian often using his relationship as material in his one-man shows.

Chris O'Donnell and Caroline Fentress

The Hollywood actor and devout family man married Fentress in 1997. Along with an impressive career, he also became a father of five. Speaking of his marriage he says: "I was very lucky. We work at it all the time and have good communication."

Andy Garcia and Marivi Lorido García

The Hollywood heavyweight shares four children with his wife, whom he married in 1982. He is realistic about family life, explaining that "conversation can get heated when we’re all around the dinner table, but it’s always under the umbrella of love."

Harry Connick, Jr. and Jill Goodacre

 The crooner and actor married Goodacre, a model, 25 years ago. The couple has three daughters and when speaking about the success of their marriage, Connick Jr shared: "We never really think of it in terms of keeping the spark going. I love being around her, I respect her infinitely, and I admire her so much. She's a hero of mine. We just take it day to day, and you know, count our blessings really."

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

The actor and producer married fellow actor Consuelos 23 years ago. As well as having three children together, the couple owns a production company. Ripa credits Consuelos as "the man who taught me how to be a person, a real person."