Manhattan Bridge Tower in Brooklyn, New York, framed through nearby buildings. Brooklyn remains one of America's best surviving examples of a 19th-century city, in spite of the changes that raged through the 1960s and 1970s.
1974 - Although partially gutted by fire, one portion of this building across from Lynch Park in Brooklyn, New York, still was inhabited.
View from under elevated train tracks at Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Areas like this were avoided by pedestrians and cars alike after 10 p.m. due to nefarious activities and the potential to be mugged.
St. Francis House as it stands today on Eagle Street in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. The house is still active, caring for homeless youth and providing assistance to those in need.
A few snapshots of some of the residents who found hope and strength at St. Francis House.
St. Francis doesn't feel or look like any other shelter in the city. It's truly home to those who reside there, complete with family photos.
A photo of Joe Campo and a few of the boys with their dog Daisy on the steps of 119 Eagle Street, a few doors down from St. Francis House.
Two residents work at preparing chicken with fresh squeezed lemons and butter to make a homemade sauce. A favorite in the house.
Clifford Azize, Daisy and Joe Campo sit on the stoop at the offices of Grassroots Films, a few doors down from St. Francis House.
Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Joe Campo.
2019 - Joe "Grandpa" Campo, Director of St. Francis House and CEO of Grassroots Films, unrelentingly carrying the mission into the future.