Nicole, a postulant:
I saw a Sister caring for an elderly priest, a resident, and she would get up and guide him, and I remember thinking that's exactly what a mother does with a little child ... it was beautiful ... and to see the littleness and humility the sisters lived every single day. ... I keep discerning and praying about it.
Sister Anastasia Grace, a novice:
… I felt it’s not the Lord’s calling people, He’s calling me … to be humble, to be little so that He can be everything … and so He gave me the Grace to respond to that call …
Sister Madeline Marie, a novice:
I never was around any religious when I was young, but I knew I loved working with the elderly. … I brought that to the Lord in prayer. … I was sitting there praying for my [dying] grandmother and I knew that the Lord was so present there, and I knew that no one should pass away alone … especially the elderly …
Sister Theresa Mary, a novice:
Ever since I was eight years old I always felt an attraction to religious life; I didn’t know what to do with it. … I spoke with one of the Sisters and I had a sense of peace and I just kept following that …
Sister Helena Grace, a novice:
I felt an attraction to the religious life when I was young. … I came here and really had a sense of peace and that this was some place that I could grow and that the Lord was speaking to me in ...
Three Sisters, four Novices, and one Postulant at the Queen of Peace Residence in Queens, NY. [L-R] Sister Judith, Nicole, Sister Theresa Mary, Mother Mary Richard, Sister Mary Grace, Sister Helena Grace, Sister Madeline Marie, and Sister Anastasia Grace.
Zina, a 95 year old resident, and Sister Raymond spend a few moments joking around.
Brooklyn Province Queen of Peace Residence (Provincial Residence) and Novitiate for the Little Sisters of the Poor.
One of the Sisters aids an elderly person, taking her from the 11:00 a.m. Mass at the Chapel to lunch.
Sister Mary William helps a Navajo woman to the dining room after Mass at Villa Guadalupe in New Mexico.
The state-of-the-art Jeanne Jugan Residence of the Little Sisters in the Bronx. The residence has facilities for practically every need that might be encountered.