Assembling the Statue

During construction, the helicopter used to lift the pieces of the statue into place suddenly lost control and seemed about to falter. Although one of the statue’s fingers was slightly damaged, the crew was successful in its second attempt at 4 p.m.

Top View

Our Lady of the Rockies took six years to complete, requiring 400 lbs. of concrete and a sky crane donated by the National Guard. The work was all sourced by residents of Butte

Back View

The image, which at first was supposed to be only five feet tall, ended up becoming the icon of an entire town, and the fourth largest statue in the United States.

View from a Distance

Ten miles away from Butte, Montana, and more than 3,500 feet above the surrounding valley, the image of Our Lady of the Rockies stands almost 90-ft (30 meters) tall.

View from the Top

Since 2019, the people of Butte have been in talks with the local government about the possibility of installing a tram to take visitors up the mountain.