Created using the perportions eblazoned upon the Shroud of Turin, here we see not an artist's representation, but a digital recreation of the face appearing on the Shroud.
The head of Christ is propped up, as it would have been rested on a stone in the tomb.
The red was added to the 3D model in the spots where it was most prevalent on the Shroud.
A second model was produced in a vertical postition, for an alternative view of the piece.
Here we see the shroud as it would have covered the body.
Behind the upright model, we can see the various x-rays and scans which allowed us to see the image on the Shroud.
The Shroud tried to keep the body in the exact sam position as it was in the image of the Shroud of Turin.
The people sitting behind the model give a good reference to it's size, which is supposed to be true to life.
Another view from the side.
The bloodied spots on his legs would most likely have been from when Christ was scourged, before Crucifixion.
In true 3D form, the model is as detailed underneath as it is from above.
Here the blood emphasizes the spot in which Christ was pierced by a spear.