A collection of resources on the current discussion on addiction, from a scientific, social, spiritual, ethic, medical, and Catholic perspective.

Ben Affleck admits “divorce is biggest regret of my life”

The former husband of Jennifer Garner, and dad to three, opens up about the demons he's been fighting.

Meet the priest who treated alcoholism with chalk

Fr. Joseph Martin had a way with words, and used them to treat fellow alcoholics.

Irish Catholic leader urges abstinence from alcohol and drugs

Archbishop Eamon Martin said it's time to "reignite a temperance movement" in Ireland.

Retiree stops smoking with help from the Virgin Mary, and uses savings to make his dreams come true

He's been saving up the money he used to spend on cigarettes, and is making his dreams come true instead.

Can’t stop eating sweets? The Bible has some great advice

It's about so much more than resisting temptation.

China agrees to White House demand to end fentanyl exports to U.S.

Move comes amid growing crisis of opioid overdose deaths

How gratitude reduces smartphone addiction

The link between gratitude and telephone addiction isn’t really obvious at first glance, but it’s real.

8 Alcoholics Anonymous slogans to lean on when you break a New Year’s resolution

They're simple and easy to remember -- and they'll help you have your best year yet!

This museum offers hope to families of opioid addicts

Works of art utilized for works of mercy.

‘Beautiful Boy’ and the quest to fill the “God-shaped hole” in all of us

Addiction is an important theme in many of the year's popular films.

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