Meet the 2020 Gerber baby who’s the first-ever adopted baby to win

Magnolia Earl has become this year's spokesbaby, as well as a Gerber first.

Exclusive photos: Crisis pregnancy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

See how Good Counsel Homes is continuing to provide a safe haven for women and children.

How Catholics can support “openness to life” through adoption

Being open to life is a tenet of Catholic belief and we can all do our part to help nurture it in our own communities.

Parents with newly adopted baby get impromptu baby shower on flight home

The heart-warming gesture from the cabin crew boosted the new parents just when they needed it most.

Catholic Church takes the lead on UK foster home shortage

It is estimated that England is in need of 8,600 foster families.

Adopted man uncovers his origins in heartwarming documentary ‘I Lived on Parker Avenue’

This true story highlights the fulfillment that adoption can bring to a family in need.

250,000 children were saved from the streets of New York by these holy women

The Sisters of Charity of New York celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the New York Foundling Hospital.

Matias and Mariana wanted to adopt 2 kids — and ended up with 5

They weren't sure they could manage it, but now say they have the family they always wanted.

Teacher adopts 30-year-old former student with special needs who was wandering the streets

Junior high teacher Michelle Girard takes her care for a student to a whole new level.

Hairdresser who specializes in natural hair care comes to the aid of multiracial families

One Chicago woman is providing "hair care with heart" to people all over the country.

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