If you’re frustrated in your ministry, hold on to these words by St. John Henry Newman

The saint knew a thing or two about feeling frustrated and disappointed, and shared words of encouragement.

Survey says most Americans are not approaching clergy members for advice

The findings of the survey were similar in all denominations of Christianity.

St. Augustine’s advice for the disorganized and absent-minded

Here's how to avoid the panic-inducing situation of not being able to find something important!

When you’re feeling worn out, turn to this Bible passage

Get emotional, physical, and spiritual strength from an uplifting passage.

10 Wise words from the saints about the benefits of order and tidiness

Is your living or work space always disorganized? These quotes will inspire you clean up your act.

Will our children be safe in the Church? Will our sons be safe in seminary?

Addressing the very valid concerns of Catholic parents is of immediate need.

14 Activities that help fathers and sons strengthen their bond

Doing something together is one of the best way for dads and sons to grow closer.

9 Strategies from the saints for fighting laziness and procrastination

These tips from those who overcame bad habits themselves can inspire you to reach your goals and master your tasks.

The relationship red flag that means it’s time to have a talk with your spouse

This is like a homing beacon ... it helps to pinpoint where the problem is.

3 Questions on marriage and what the Catholic Church requires

Our sacraments are unique and meaningful, which is why sometimes they seem like "a lot of work."

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