Bishop calls attention to “genocide” in Nigeria

Bishop Kukah said that both Christians and Muslims have been targeted.

The largest Jesus statue in Africa: Jesus de Greatest

Built by a layman, this is the fifth largest statue in Africa.

Attack on Nigerian village leaves as many as 69 dead

Rampage might have been revenge for divulging information on terror group.

Charles de Foucauld, a man who found God in the desert, to be canonized a saint

The Vatican announced the canonization of Blessed Charles de Foucauld, whose adventurous life included a youthful wandering away from the faith.

Finding Faith: Christian symbolism in African artifacts

Crucifix imagery is shared by Christianity and the African culture that embraced it.

Jihadist groups raise the black flag in Mozambique 

“What is happening is a disgrace," the Bishop of Pemba laments, following the most recent attack in his diocese. 

Catholic Bishop of Ethiopia is first prelate to succumb to COVID-19

Bishop Angelo Moreschi spent his 38-year vocation as a missionary to Africa.

The Catholic Church’s new tool for ending hunger: machine learning

Catholic Relief Services tested the program in one of Africa's hardest-hit countries to predict where aid should go.

Meet the Nigerian doctor using African plants to fight cancer

Studying her native land's plant life fills Mansurah Abdulazeez with hope in the battle against cancer.

Listen to the Missa Luba: Congolese liturgical music composed by a Belgian Franciscan

Recorded in 1958 and remastered in stereo in 1965, the original album is a jewel collector's treasure.

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