Aid to the Church in Need

Aid to the Church in Need offers relief for pandemic-stricken communities

Five million euros set aside for priests and nuns caring for most vulnerable.

In Iraq, the Church helps rebuild the lives of Christians affected by civil war.

The vast majority of Christian citizens of Karemlesh were either decimated or forced to flee by ISIS. Today, the city is experiencing a rebirth.

This Christmas, join the worldwide campaign helping Christians in need.

An unprecedented online movement helping Christian communities in Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Iraq, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Uganda, has entered the final countdown.

The Ukrainian “Church Spring”: More and more young men want to join the priesthood

Years after the collapse of the Soviet regime and the end of communist religious persecution and repression, the country is now experiencing a rebirth of priestly vocations.

A young priest in Venezuela: “They cannot take away our dignity”

Angel Colmenares and his community cannot but suffer the crisis the country is going through, but Aid to the Church in Need supports them. This is his testimony.

Rajani and Sebastian: A love stronger than civil war

Their marriage was falling apart, but a special “gift” saved it.

This book is changing Diana’s life, and those of many other Cubans

In Cuba, life is not that easy. But thanks to a book she was given, this young woman found new horizons.

Father Pedro, the Polish priest who boats his way to serve the indigenous people of the Amazon

This priest serves 35 communities living in the Amazon, facing two major threats.