A look at La Conquistadora, the oldest Marian statue in America

Our Lady of Conquering Love has a wardrobe fit for a queen.

D.C.’s National Shrine celebrates centennial anniversary in 2020

This is the 100-year anniversary of the Blessing of the Land and laying of the cornerstone.

Pray for America’s intentions with the Map of Prayer

A new website where prayer intentions are posted, mapped, and prayed for with the Holy Rosary.

Plan a pilgrimage to Nebraska’s Holy Family Shrine

This roadside Catholic monument is open once more to the public, but remember to bring a mask.

Early Jesuit mission site unearthed in Florida Keys

The discovery vindicated historical records of a ruined Spanish fort on the island of Mound Key.

Catholic Charities feeds Americans left in need by coronavirus shutdown

Some food banks are experiencing eight times the normal demand.

Religious order pays hotel bills for Chicago’s homeless

The Clerics of St. Viator have donated more than $60,000 to help protect those who have nowhere to isolate.

Exclusive photos: The birthplace of the Catholic Church in America

The first Mass celebrated in the colonies took place in Maryland, the first colony built on religious freedom.

Google Maps offers virtual tours of closed National Parks

Enjoy the Great Outdoors from the safety of your isolation.

Priest takes Blessed Sacrament on ride through NY town hit by coronavirus

The Carmelite priest offered his blessing to the people while keeping social distance.

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