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Surprising results reveal “most Catholic cities in America”

Barna issues its Cities Report, showing which areas stand out according to denomination.

New executive order mandates work for welfare

Changes come amid record low unemployment

Mississippi to ban abortions after 15 weeks

Governor Phil Bryant has already announced he would sign the bill which would be the nation's strictest law.

The hair of George Washington may have been found at a New York college

The small lock of grey hair was stashed between the pages of an 18th century almanac.

Trump, in first State of the Union address, outlines immigration plan

President stays true to "America First" theme throughout his first SOTU speech.

Know your Constitution? Free online course can help

The next time the Supreme Court hears arguments on a hot-button issue, be prepared to follow along by knowing this founding document.

Scientists discover evidence tracing Native Americans to Asia

DNA links settlers in Alaska to people west of the Bering Strait.

“Weird” Americans: Black Friday vs. Thanksgiving

People who live in Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich Democracies are very different from most of the world.

Did an Irish explorer discover America in the 6th century?

This historic voyager could have crossed the Atlantic before the Vikings and Columbus.

Orestes Brownson: “Catholic American’s first great lay intellectual”

Long before smartphones, he warned: "The greatest danger to American society is that we are rapidly becoming a nation of isolated individuals."

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