Prayer to St. Michael for protection against spiritual enemies

St. Michael is the archangel to turn to when struggling against the attacks of demonic spiritual forces.

Why you shouldn’t neglect the invisible world around you

What you can see will pass away, but the invisible spiritual creatures will be with you for eternity.

Prayer to your Guardian Angel for good health while traveling

Ask your Guardian Angel to protect your health during your travels and to protect your family's health when you return.

Wish you knew more about angels?

On this feast of Michael, Rafael, and Gabriel, why not download this free ebook?

Pope: Spreading devotion to Archangel Michael a “work of mercy for body and soul”

Francis urges religious under angel's protection to remember Michael's name and victory cry that defends us from egotism: "Who is like God?"

10 Essential quotes from Scripture when you’re in need of protection

When life is uncertain or scary, look to the Bible for some comforting protection.

John Paul II promoted the St. Michael Prayer to protect life in the womb

The Polish Pontiff recalled the Book of Revelation and how St. Michael protected the woman about to give birth.

Why the archangels are more than just messengers from God

The Church invites us to celebrate these particularly special saints -- St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel -- today. 

What is the difference between an angel and an archangel?

The word "angel" is a more broad term, while "archangel" refers to a specific rank of angels who are entrusted with special tasks.

How to let angels be more involved in your life

Angels are always around us, but do we acknowledge their presence and invite them to work in our lives?

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