Pope Francis to be Subject of New Film

Italian director sees Che Guevara actor in leading role.

The World Cup As Seen From the Vatican

German papal secretary describes mood inside the home of two Popes as soccer match unfolded.

Military Officers Found Guilty of Ordering Death of Argentine Bishop in 1976

First conviction of an official murdering a Church leader during the junta years.

Argentine Nun Heads to Syria After Pope’s Call to Peripheries

Sr. Maria Nazareth prepares for upcoming service in Aleppo.

Bergoglio’s List: the Untold Story

During Argentina's Dirty War, Jorge Bergoglio saved the lives of scores of dissidents, according to a new book.

Pope Donates 100,000 Euros to Poor Dioceses in Argentina

On the heels of his message to Argentinians to give "unceasingly," Pope Francis donates 100,000 euros to poor dioceses in Argentina.

Argentina to Contribute Second Largest Number of Volunteers to World Youth Day

The most after Brazil, Argentines are inspired by the new Pope