These three women—all former atheists—found their way into the Catholic Church

Their conversion stories show that, as G.K. Chesterton observed, “The Church is a house with a hundred gates, and no two men enter at exactly the same angle.”

St. Therese wrote this poem about Joan of Arc when she was tempted with atheism

During her final months on earth, St. Therese was plunged into the darkness of unbelief.

Bishop Barron on listening to Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris

Harris is perhaps the most strident critic of religion on the scene today.

This new app answers questions about God

Have you ever thought to ask "Alexa" questions about faith?

Generation Z has twice as many atheists, research group finds

Today's teenagers much less likely to attend church than previous generations.

From atheist to Christian missionary: The amazing life of Madeleine Delbrel

She wrote as a rebellious teenager, "God is dead. Long live death!"

I put my encroaching atheism into God’s hands

Too weak to do something myself, I told God to do it. And then, I had this dream ...

There used to be a better class of atheist

Harrowing tweets following the Sutherland Springs massacre leaves a priest wondering at the source of vulgar, witless hate spewed from Christianity's "betters"

In its haste to bury religion, Europe itself will fall into the grave

Europe is now rejecting the use of the only language that will soon matter. Thus will end its narrative.

Why I cannot go back to being an atheist

Sometimes my natural skepticism asserts itself, but I cannot walk away.

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