What is the “Gehenna” in the Bible?

Gehenna was the "Valley of Hinnom" outside Jerusalem, where children were burned in sacrifice to the god Moloch.

What is the Didache and why is it important?

The Didache is one of the earliest collections of Christian writings, and was often paired with the New Testament in the early Church.

How a discovery about pagan Rome shed light on early Church history

The Delphi Inscription helps us pinpoint St. Paul's visit to Corinth.

What does the word “gospel” mean?

The word "gospel" comes from the Greek "euangelion" and referred to a messenger bringing "good tidings" or "good news."

How do Catholics interpret the Bible?

Catholics interpret the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit, under the guidance of the Church, following three specific guidelines.

Names can vouch for Bible’s historicity

Hebrew University scholar compares names found in Jeremiah with archaeology from similar time period.

Were Jesus and John the Baptist cousins?

Jesus was related to St. John the Baptist through Mary's connection to Elizabeth, though it's uncertain exactly what that meant.

What is the best edition of the Bible for Catholics?

There are dozens of translations of the Bible into English, none of which are perfect.

10 Bible verses on how to be a good dad

The Bible has much to say about fatherhood and what it takes to be a saintly dad.

What is the spiritual meaning of the heart?

The heart symbolizes the center or "core" of our being, from which prayer and moral actions originate.

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