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The Bible for Catholics: Take this free online course

The St. Paul Center hopes to launch a revival in Catholic Scripture study.

Southpaws of the Old Testament

Experts question whether the tribe of Benjamin was predominantly left-handed due to nature or nurture.

The secret to a really clean house? It’s in the Bible …

The "Proverbs woman" provides the modern woman a lot of inspiration when it comes to cleaning and organizing.

How many saints are considered “apostles”?

It all depends on the definition of the word.

What is the Pentateuch?

For those unfamiliar with the biblical term.

What did Jesus mean when he talked about the “iota”?

Jesus was referring to a fascinating letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

What the early Church teaches us about Pope Francis’ “peripheries”

God is not afraid! He is fearless! ... Unafraid of the fringes, he himself became a fringe. So if we dare to go to the fringes, we will find him there.

American churchgoers have trouble identifying Jesus’ “Great Commission”

The phrase comes from Christ's instructions at the Ascension.

6 Earthly resurrections found in the Bible

These biblical characters were given a miraculous gift of life.

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