Boko Haram

Nigerian priest bringing psychological help to victims of terrorism

Fr. Joseph Bature Fidelis welcomes donation by papal foundation to build trauma center.

Nigerian humanitarian situation worsening under army’s new strategy

100,000 people cut off from aid as military no longer protects key roads from ISIS and Boko Haram.

Suicide bombing kills as many as 86 in Nigerian mosque

One bomber blew himself up after the start of prayers, and another while people were escaping

Without access to Twitter, parents of kidnapped girls still wait for news of daughters

The Nigerian government announced the names of the released girls on the social media network.

Are drones already a tool of humanitarian aid?

It seems drones are no longer just for war or entertainment.

Boko Haram releases 21 of the Chibok school girls, after 2 and a half years in captivity

Youngsters had been forced to marry the jihadists and convert to Islam

Nigerian Bishop: Christians and Muslims Have a Common Enemy in “Secular Forces”

Bishop Matthew Kukah says "If you are closing your churches, you are an accomplice."

The Challenges of Leading a Catholic Flock in a Muslim Majority Land

Bishop Matthew Kukah says education is the antidote to extremism

Boko Haram’s Increasing Use of Female Suicide Bombers

Captive describes terror training: "Do you want to follow Christ, or do you want to be a Muslim?"

Boko Haram Surpasses ISIS as World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group

Report defies public perception in wake of Paris attacks, highlights Africa's woes

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