Boko Haram

Pray for the Girls of Nigeria

New website invites all to pray for the kidnapped girls of Nigeria.

Did Boko Haram Just Win?

The media only ensure that there will be more such incidents.

On the Ground with Boko Haram

An interview with Father John Idio of Nigeria.

Nigerian Archbishop: International Community Must do More to Help Defeat Boko Haram

Head of Kos archdiocese appeals for outside help in struggle to overcome militant violence.

US Draws Fire Over ‘Ineffective’ Policy Toward Boko Haram

“It took the U.S. far too long to recognize that this is a problem of international Islamist extremism and not simply a matter of disaffected youth."

US Urged to Recognize Nigerian Extremist Group as Terrorists

Several U.S. religious liberty groups are renewing calls for the federal government to officially recognize Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram as a terrorist organization for its violent …

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