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Should we ban our kids from reading ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and other tricky classics?

The popular children's author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, is under fire for being racist in some of her work.

Why ‘The Hobbit’ is not just for kids

How reading J.R.R. Tolkien's story to his 10-year-old daughter unexpectedly stirred this father's soul.

Get the chills as Richard Burton reads “The Hound of Heaven”

The classic poem reminds us that "you can run but you cannot hide" from God's grace.

Summer reading: Our picks for books to take to the beach

You are in for a treat: Aleteia writers recommend books to help you escape, even if only to the back yard.

Tragedy and nihilism: Why you should know the difference

In tragedy, cruel things can happen, but there is a spark of the vital, the living, the image of God that outlasts the cruelty.

Evelyn Waugh skewers our age with the darkly comic ‘Loved One’

The hugely successful book is still selling briskly after 70 years.

Take this free online course on C.S. Lewis

Hillsdale College is offering a lecture series on the work of the Christian apologist, novelist, and critic.

Bill Gates has included a book about the “prosperity gospel” in his summer reading list

The billionaire philanthropist writes in his blog that four of his grandparents belonged to a “Christian sect” that believed illness was caused by sin.

Take this free online course on why Jane Austen is among literature’s greats

Reading the great British writer’s novels is “an education in good character formation.”

Confessions of a Catholic book hoarder

This lifetime reading list means it's time to clear space on that shelf

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