‘The Last Jedi’: Superhero equality comes at a high cost

The latest Star Wars installment goes beyond upsetting the balance and manages to break the story.

Healing old wounds helps break the hold of old sins

Talking with author Ken Kniepmann about his newly-released book, 'Lenten Healing: 40 Days to Set You Free from Sin.'

10 Curious facts about Emily Dickinson

If you don't know much about her life, it's partly because she wanted it that way.

Scripture cannot be the sole arbiter of what makes a Christian

God knew what he was doing when he founded the Catholic Church.

Book Review: ‘Unconditionally: Finding Jesus in the Eucharist’

Greg Wasinski's thoughts on developing a consubstantial relationship with the Trinity through the Eucharist took my breath away. 

Robert Hugh Benson and his father, the archbishop

In his conversion story, we learn that things weren’t as they should be in this father-son relationship.

If you had to tell about something you love using 100 objects, what would you choose?

This father-daughter team chose Church History, and the objects that tell its story are as random as they are fascinating.

Bishop Barron on “Accompaniment” and the exhaustion of “beige Catholicism”

Many have left the church they do not understand, but they're finding that confused, erratic, and fickle secularism leaves them empty.

5 Books to read with your kids on Christmas Eve

These sweet and entertaining stories are guaranteed to bring families with kids of all ages together.

The big embarrassing problem that Child in the manger left us

We're all sometimes dissatisfied with the Church as we experience it, but Flannery O'Connor has seriously good advice for us.

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