10 Reasons to be thankful for our Canadian neighbors

As Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, here are a few things we should thank them for.

4 Kinds of inspiration we can take from some of Canada’s great saints

Celebrate Canada Day by learning from these remarkable men and women.

New Marian shrine church dedicated in Canada

The dedication came while Pope Francis called for prayers for intercession of the Blessed Mother.

Canadian hospice being taken over by government in euthanasia fight

Private facility gives up public funding, refusing to provide physician-assisted suicide.

Organ donations surge in Canada after legalization of assisted suicide

Canadian patients approved for euthanasia can be approached for organ donations, creating an ethical quandary.

Knights of Columbus erect gravestone for aborted babies

The Knights have placed 137 such monuments in Catholic cemeteries across North America.

During a severe drought in Canada, St. John de Brébeuf turned to St. Joseph

At the end of a novena to St. Joseph, a miraculous rain poured down upon the land.

Padre Pio’s relics will tour the US and Canada twice in 2019

Plan your pilgrimage for the veneration of the stigmatic saint.

Quebec moves to ban the wearing of religious symbols by public workers

The “secularism bill” would apply to Muslim headscarves, Catholic crosses and Jewish skullcaps, among other religious garb.

Catholic priest stabbed during Mass in Montreal

Attack took place while there were 60 people in the church.

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