Catholic Church

This is the Catholic Church in numbers

These statistics offer a window into the state of the Church.

The Catholic churches that dot the beautiful island of Capri

The island off Italy's Amalfi coast is home to many beautiful churches hidden among cobbled streets and dramatic cliffs.

The coronavirus lockdown revealed “a certain spiritual illiteracy” according to this bishop

"It is curious that many people have complained about not being able to receive communion and celebrate funerals in church, but not as many have worried about how to reconcile with God and neighbor," …

New bishop in Massachusetts is veteran YouTuber

Fr. William D. Byrne is known for his '5 Things' series.

New church on University of Virginia campus evangelizes with beauty

"By expressing beauty, permanence, and transcendence, a church building can teach all who see it what it means to be Catholic.” 

Attacks on churches continue, leaving a majority of Catholics concerned, according to poll

Catholic and Protestant churches burned or broken into, according to reports from around the U.S.

A life lived from faith transforms the world with beauty

Students at the International Theological Institute in Austria are called on to transform the world they live in, according to alum Dr. Scott Hefelfinger.

San Francisco: is religious worship a “necessary activity”?

While the city opens access to shopping malls and restaurants, the vast majority of religious congregants are denied the right to practice their faith.

Louisiana diocese suffers significant damage from Hurricane Laura

Category 4 storm destroys at least 6 churches.

Caritas bracing for what might be the worst yet of pandemic (Interview)

The Catholic Church's international charity organization is mobilized to help with growing rates of hunger and other immense issues.

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