Catholic Church

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Spanish monarch thanks Catholic Church for services during coronavirus pandemic

The Church in Spain has seen requests for assistance triple in recent months.

New Jersey diocese takes first steps towards reopening some churches

The Diocese of Trenton formed a task force to to develop a "phased approach" for "the reopening of churches for private prayer to the gradual restoration of our full Catholic and sacramental life.”

Chinese Catholics are experiencing spiritual revival amidst coronavirus pandemic

Lockdown allows religious education for young people, which had previously been strictly forbidden.

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Vatican to name Ste. Anne Church in Detroit a minor basilica

The decision to request the new designation came after Pope Francis took notice of the parish's outreach.

Churches prepare for coronavirus as Ash Wednesday crowds gather

Dioceses have already put policies in place for flu season.

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Indian church cautions flock against “Love Jihad”

Leaders of this Eastern rite claim Christian girls are being lured into marriages with Islamist militants.