Catholic history

Take this tour and visit northern England’s Catholic past

From Durham Cathedral to York’s “Bar Convent,” the north part of England is a treasure trove of Catholics sites.

12 Different kinds of crosses (and their meanings)

Not all crosses are the same and neither are their meanings.

Catholic Emancipation in Britain opened up a second spring for the faith, 190 years ago

A spirit of martyrdom was answered by a flowering of Catholicism in Victorian England.

How many times has the Bible been translated?

If Aramaic was good enough for Jesus … oh, wait.

Why didn’t medieval artists sign their work?

Signatures might be important, but they are not essential. Even today.

Rare early Japanese Christian painting discovered in museum collection

The images were penned in a time when Christians were harshly persecuted in Japan.

The stolen heart of St. Lawrence O’Toole is back on display in Christ Church

Nearly six years ago, the relic was removed and carried away for unknown reasons.

Hipster monks: A medieval defense of beards

In a time when beards were out of favor, one order's lay brothers took a stand.

The “Igloo Church” of the Arctic was built to last

Designed by a missionary carpenter, this unique Catholic church reflects the local Inuit culture.

Jesuit plantation among sites discovered on Navy lands in Maryland

Items found include a cilice, or penance belt, and relics of slave life.

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