Catholic history

Rare early Japanese Christian painting discovered in museum collection

The images were penned in a time when Christians were harshly persecuted in Japan.

The stolen heart of St. Lawrence O’Toole is back on display in Christ Church

Nearly six years ago, the relic was removed and carried away for unknown reasons.

Hipster monks: A medieval defense of beards

In a time when beards were out of favor, one order's lay brothers took a stand.

The “Igloo Church” of the Arctic was built to last

Designed by a missionary carpenter, this unique Catholic church reflects the local Inuit culture.

Jesuit plantation among sites discovered on Navy lands in Maryland

Items found include a cilice, or penance belt, and relics of slave life.

Haunted American History: The unexplainable events of 1779 that prompted so many Catholic conversions

An account from the "Father of American Catholic History" tells the spooky tale.

5 Ways the Catholic Church has changed the world

Word on Fire's recent man-on-the-street interviews demonstrate that young adults need to study Church history.

The Veiled Virgin: Another miracle of transparent marble

While marble busts of veiled women were quite popular in the 19th century, Strazza’s Veiled Virgin was deemed “a perfect gem of art.”

Archaeologists revive a Florida priest’s discovery, buried since the 1950s

A mysterious building dating to the Spanish colonial era goes on display in St. Augustine.

This art from the earliest known “house church” is nearly 1,800 years old

It is unknown if the site still survives after ISIS occupation.

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