Catholic history

This medieval map melds Greek myths with biblical passages

The Mappa Mundi attempts to pin down locations of the unattainable and the grotesque.

5 Not-to-be-missed Catholic sites in Sicily

From the first European church to the "most beautiful church in the world," the holy sites of Sicily belong on every Catholic's "bucket list."

Rare illuminated pages of Bible, Torah and Quran on show at the Getty

Medieval illuminated texts belonging to three monotheistic religions will be on exhibit until February 2019.  

Bishops: We hope change to Catechism on death penalty will “speed along” end of this practice

US prelates welcome "authentic development" of the Church's doctrine

The catacombs of St. Patrick’s Old Basilica

These narrow underground alleys were constructed shortly after the establishment of Old Saint Patrick’s in 1815.

Ever heard of Saint Peter’s “Old Basilica”?

Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor did St. Peter's basilica.

The origins of the names “Santiago” and “Compostela”

A hermit named Pelayo said that he had seen a shower of stars in the forest of Libredón, giving Compostela its name: “campus stellae,” “the field of stars,” in Latin.

The Bavarian monastery that hosted 5,000 refugees in Post-War Germany

Some 450 babies were born at this monastery in the years following the end of the war.

The day St. Joseph built a staircase in New Mexico

The Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to an exceptional work of carpentry

Watch King Solomon’s Temple being rebuilt in 3D

The First Temple was virtually reconstructed following the description found in the First Book of Kings.

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