Catholic history

The Holy Land Franciscans have been leading pilgrims for 800 years

For 800 years, the Holy Land Franciscans have been entrusted with a sacred duty: guardianship of the most precious sites of the Christian faith.

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St. Winefride’s Well has been known for its healing waters since medieval times.

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Lines of visitors wrap around the block to explore Washington, D.C.'s newest museum.

The archaeological evidence of Pontius Pilate

The "Pilate Stone" recorded Pilate's name and position in a dedication to the Emperor.

The most accurate reconstruction of St. Anthony of Padua’s face

Cícero Moraes excels at creating accurate 3D renderings of saints based on their skulls.

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Inspiring pictures of Catholics giving public witness to their faith and devotion to the Eucharist

Understanding icons: What do Jesus’ hand gestures mean?

A visual guide to Christian iconography.

How the two largest Catholic communities of New York came together

There was a time when the Irish and the Italians hated each other.

Enjoy “banking” at a credit union? Thank a priest

The first such institution in the US was at a Catholic parish, with a precedent set by Canadian missionary.

St. Patrick was not Irish. And his name wasn’t Patrick, either

Some things you really didn’t know about Ireland’s favorite saint.