Catholic history

Meet Maria Agnesi: First female mathematics professor

This 18th-century prodigy was an intellectual of staggering brilliance, and a faithful Catholic servant of the poor.

Louis Braille: The blind Catholic musician who invented touch-reading

He invented braille reading and writing using the same tool that had cost him his sight.

Louis Pasteur: Father of microbiology, and a Catholic

A poor student as a child, he became a ground-breaking scientist while maintaining his sense of faith.

Witold Pilecki: The man who volunteered to be imprisoned at Auschwitz

Leaving behind everything he loved on earth, he "entered something seemingly no longer of it.”

Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty: Rescuer of Jews, Allies, and … Nazis?

This Irish priest with a love for golf became a vital part of the Rome Escape Line in WWII. Gregory Peck played him in 'The Scarlet and the Black.'

Did St. Teresa invent French fries?

The Belgians and the French lay claim, but …

The Catholic doctor who invented the stethoscope

A French physician, known as a thoroughly kind and charitable man, also identified and named melanoma and advanced treatment for TB.

12 Jesuit inventions and discoveries that might surprise you

Little known creative endeavors might spur your own creative juices.

This is why church pews were invented

And why Catholic churches don't always have them.

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