Catholic history

This drone flying over Mont Saint-Michel will turn your thought to higher things

The ancient monastery built on an island has been inspiring pilgrims and monks since the 8th century.

Former prisoner from China has helped hundreds become Catholic

Teresa Liu survived 20 years of confinement for her faith. Now she forgives her captors as she leads converts,

Isaac Newton’s rediscovered papers reveal religious side to scientist

It is often overlooked that the father of modern science also wrote on the topic of theology.

The Church is everywhere in Malta

St. Paul was shipwrecked off the coast of Malta in the year 60, and left behind an island that, to this day, is inhabited by some of the most passionate and unabashed Catholics in the world.

Catholic Church in Germany commemorates Operation Valkyrie

Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, a Catholic military officer, led the July 1944 plot that nearly killed Hitler.

The beautiful Catholic church inside the walls of a New York maximum security prison

Gangster gangster “Lucky” Luciano (1897-1962) was an inmate at Clinton Correctional Facility in the 1930s and donated red oak for the pews of the Church of St. Dismas.

5 Gorgeous holy places dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The devotion became widespread after St. Margaret Mary Alocoque testified that she had received apparitions of Jesus requesting to be honored under the figure of His heart.

One of the most beloved Catholic sites in Italy is on a tiny lake island

The Island of Saint Julius is home to a Benedictine monastery that seems to be stuck in time.

Did you know it was once illegal to be a Catholic priest in NYC?

You might not know this dark -- and strange -- chapter of American history.

Fulton Sheen’s body to be removed from New York

Archdiocese of New York confirms it will cooperate with Illinois diocese in wake of legal dispute

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