Catholic history

Aleteia sets the soundtrack to your Easter

We've brought together some of the finest sacred music for your Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday

The isle of Iona, birthplace of Christianity in Scotland

There are few locations that have caused so many non-believers to question their non-beliefs.

The Notre Dame fire: what was saved and what was lost

Of the 13th-century stained glass windows that were saved, the cathedral's spokesman said, "It’s a bit of a miracle, we are very relieved.”

How old is Palm Sunday?

The blessings and processions of palms go back deep into early Christianity.

St. Patrick’s Church in Washington, D.C., is intertwined with American history

Set up for Irish laborers building the White House, the parishes has hosted presidents and even a pope.

Have you visited these Catholic pilgrimage sites in the American South?

Most people don't realize that the South is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful Catholic churches and sites in the United States.

Irish island with ancient monastic ruins up for auction

On a clear day, it looks like paradise.

The life of Christ to be topic of new History Channel miniseries

The script was written with the help of faith leaders and biblical scholars.

Church in Italy preserves the remains of a saintly dragon slayer … and the dragon he slayed

Little is known about the actual life of St. Donatus, but legends abound.

British lawmaker takes aim at statue of the anti-Catholic Oliver Cromwell

The "Lord Protector" has been blamed for devastation in Ireland and the deaths of thousands of Catholics.

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