Priest “kidnapped” in China released after 17 days

Fr. Liu Maochun said to be one of 20 clergymen under constant pressure to join government church.

Newly installed Chinese bishop believed to be OKed by both Vatican and Beijing

Ceremony near Shanghai sees installation of prelate who succeeded aging bishop three years ago.

Catholic activist in Hong Kong arrested under national security law

Agnes Chow's detention came on same day as sanctions against U.S. lawmakers critical of Chinese policies.

China’s Christians facing more hardships, according to reports

With weeks to go before renewal of Vatican agreement, some say life for the Catholic Church has not improved.

Chinese Catholic leader detained again in ongoing harassment

Bishop Cui Tai has been in and out of jail since 2007.

Chinese Catholics are experiencing spiritual revival amidst coronavirus pandemic

Lockdown allows religious education for young people, which had previously been strictly forbidden.

China’s Catholics send medical masks to the Vatican

The Vatican had been sending masks to China since January; now China's faithful return the favor.

Chinese doctors travel to Italy to lend a much-needed hand

After healing the sick in China, these doctors now come to help their Italian counterparts.

Pope’s March intention: The Church in China

It is thought that China's population is now more than 7% Christian

China closes churches in face of spreading coronavirus

The Communist Party also banned all group religious activities.

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