Excavation of ancient church reveals breathtaking 1,600-year-old floor mosaic

The ancient artwork features depictions of people, animals, and writing in the ancient Syriac alphabet.

‘Chronicles of Narnia’ statues come to a medieval English church

The new statues include Aslan the Lion, the White Witch, and Mr. Tumnus.

Bishop calls attention to “genocide” in Nigeria

Bishop Kukah said that both Christians and Muslims have been targeted.

Swiss dig reveals 1,000-year-old Christian jewelry mold

The rare find is one of only four examples of early Christian jewelry crafting in the region.

How the Maltese Cross helped refugees in WWII

Citizens of Malta painted the crosses on the front of their homes as a show of support and a pledge of service to refugees.

How do we know this is where Jesus was baptized?

Plenty of different clues point at this very special site as the one where Jesus was baptized by John.

Remains of Scottish revolutionary-era friar identified from clothes

The rare find was released to modern-day Dominicans for interment and a memorial service.

Qumran: Travel to the archaeological park where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found

A tour through the national park is a journey back to biblical times, where visitors can see the ancient town, complete with excavated buildings.

Masterful painting of Jesus by 8-year-old prodigy saved from obscurity

The artwork was condemned, stolen, mistakenly sold, and locked away for 16 years.

Top 10 biblical destinations in Jordan

From Petra to Mount Nebo, Jordanian proverbial hospitality and its rich history make this country a perfect pilgrimage and adventure destination.

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