Christians in Africa

Everything concerning the life of Christians in Africa: saints, traditions, liturgy, persecution, and current affairs.

After 60 years of independence, Africa is still mired in poverty and violence—only the Church is bulwark of positive change

Father Apollinaire Cibaka Cikongo, a Congolese priest, reflects on the "dynamic of violence caused by the Western conquest of Africa."

International community is ignoring jihadist attacks in northern Mozambique

Aid to the Church in Need talks to Paulo Rangel, a member of the European Parliament, about the violence that has left hundreds dead and 200,000 homeless.

In Algeria, following in the footsteps of Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Sister Martine Devriendt of Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart explains that a female Christian presence in Tamanrasset is important because women can go into the families and thereby have access to …

Women religious fear jihadists will take control of province in Mozambique

Church leaders estimate that Bishop Lisboa estimates thatmore than 1,100 people have been murdered, hundreds have disappeared and more than 200,000 have fled the area.

A priest serves vulnerable Pygmies in Congo-Brazzaville, as coronavirus threatens

“The Pygmies will end up dying, not from the disease, but from hunger," Father Franck Bango told Aid to the Church in Need.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women religious fight the pandemic

Even in normal circumstances, the situation there is extremely difficult.

“A disaster within a disaster”—In Burkina Faso, terrorism and COVID-19 pose a double threat

With almost a million left homeless, COVID-19 hits a vulnerable region.

In Niger, in time of the virus, fears of anti-Christian violence

Some Muslim groups, led by extremist imams, are not abiding by the protection measures, and have taken to the streets in protest.

Mozambique: The hidden war hardly anyone is talking about

“It is important to know what is happening – 52 young people were massacred on April 7 for refusing to join the insurgents.”

Living the faith in Kenya, five years after terrorist attack

“Yes, we are afraid but if we have to die, it’s better to die in the church than on the street.” 

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