Christians in the Middle East

Christians are slowly returning to Iraq, says Syriac Patriarch

The invasion of ISIS in 2014 triggered a mass exodus of the region's Christians.

Iran’s Christian minority: officially sanctioned but in reality persecuted

Recent tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States have brought light to religious freedom issue.

This Christmas, ACN donors bring smiles to 19,000 children in Syria

For the eighth year running, ACN is providing Christmas packages for displaced children, including warm clothes, shoes, toys, devotional items and other essentials.

Christians in Iraq and Syria face new risk of genocide   

“I cannot imagine the Middle East without Christians. But the threat is real," said Father Andrzej Halemba of Aid to the Church in Need.

Lebanese prelates are concerned about Christian emigration

Aid to the Church in Need talks to Melkite Archbishop Georges Bacouni of Beirut about the threat to Christianity in Lebanon.

Zein, the baby who miraculously survived the war

Siham is a Syrian woman who had to give birth to her baby, by cesarean delivery, amid the war her country is going through. Aid to the Church in Need made it possible, both for mother and son, to be …

ISIS claims responsibility for murder of Catholic priest in Syria

Father Bidoyan and his father were killed during a visit to an Armenian Catholic church.

European court opposes deportation of Afghan convert to Christianity

The court said that the refugee's life would be in danger if he were to be sent back home from Switzerland.

Aid to the Church in Need begins repair of churches, church buildings in Christian homeland in Iraq

Some 45 percent of the population that had fled the onslaught of ISIS in 2014 has returned; shops have reopened, many houses have been repaired, and Church life has picked up thanks to this essential …

Deadly protests in their country leave Iraqi Christians between hope and fear

Some, mostly young Christians on the Nineveh Plains have expressed solidarity with the protestors in Baghdad.