Church History

Some things never change: This is how early Christians celebrated Mass

A brief comparison of liturgy from the 2nd century and liturgy today.

This is how Christians lived in the 2nd century

A first-hand account of what made Christians counter-cultural in ancient Rome.

Touring traditional church furnishings

Test your knowledge; how many do you recognize?

Why the pope wears red shoes

...and why Pope Francis decided not to wear them.

Here’s the historical evidence from non-Christian sources that Jesus lived and died

A wealth of written evidence exists to prove Christianity is not based on a fairy tale.

Catholic Mass will be celebrated in Swedish cathedral for first time since the Reformation

The Lutheran chaplain offered the cathedral as a temporary place of worship while a Catholic church is being renovated

You won’t hear this every day: A visit from the pope has this Swiss diplomat speaking Latin

Pierre-Yves Fux reads Virgil in the original language, and also speaks Greek and Hebrew.

This chapel in Pittsburgh is home to 5,000 relics

That's the largest collection outside of the Vatican.

What did Christianity look like before the Bible?

How did Christians come to know Our Lord in the first 400 years after Christ?

The “12th-century” church in California that was supposed to be a swimming pool

Trappist monks built the church of the Abbey of New Clairvaux out of stones from a Spanish monastery.

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