Church History

6 Ways St. Clare shines her light

The first woman to whom a mission was dedicated in California

How a French Catholic priest “discovered” the giant Panda

Father Armand David was an explorer, zoologist, botanist and missionary.

The bi-locating nun who may have evangelized America

The Vatican is currently investigating the many stories surrounding the legendary "Lady in Blue."

The Chinese emperor’s Catholic poetry

Emperor Kangxi was China's longest-reigning monarch and a tolerant scholar friendly to Christianity.

The 15 oldest Catholic churches in America

People still worship in these beautiful sanctuaries today.

In the revised history of Europe, “Religion does not exist…”

The "spiritual patrimony" that helped form and sustain Europe is being officially erased from her memory at the new "House of European History".

The Bible doesn’t fit in a museum …

... but in Washington they somehow managed to do it.

Museum of the Bible puts unprecedented spotlight on source of Judeo-Christian civilization

Five exhibit floors will house no fewer than 40,000 biblical and religious artifacts.

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