Church History

40 Hours Devotion: Spending personal time with the Lord

People around the world have practiced this intimate devotion since the 16th century.

If you like Gregorian, you will love Visigothic chant

This type of chant picks up an oral tradition prior to the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.

The stories behind the bell names in the Cathedral of Notre Dame

No, they are not called "Quasimodo and Esmeralda"

4 Spiritual lessons from Eastern Monasticism for everyday life

The wisdom of the Desert Fathers has the power to transform our daily lives.

The largest catacombs in Rome soon will be opened to the public

The Catacombs of Domitilla are back in business after 25 years of restorations.

Churches “on the rocks”

Whether they be high atop a cliff, or lying beneath the surface, these churches rock.

Archaeologists discover medieval monks’ brewery in England

Monastic life in Catholic England apparently involved enjoying a pint.

Walking on tombstones in a Maltese church

The floor of St. John’s Co-Cathedral is covered with nearly 400 tombstones of Knights and officers of the Order of Malta.

Why do Christians use the fish symbol?

Bumper stickers weren't the first place where the Ichthys was used.

The Bible is widely owned, but not well known, new study finds

LifeWay Research examines reasons Americans aren't picking up The Good Book.