Church History

The “replacement” apostle, St Matthias

He wasn't new to the merry band, but well known for his constant presence.

Who were the Desert Fathers and why do they matter?

Their influence can be seen throughout the Church and is even found in popular culture.

Meet the saint who invented the name “Christian”

St Evodius was the second bishop of Antioch after St Peter.

Why do priests wear black?

The answer comes from its spiritual symbolism

The beautiful and ancient custom of blessing fields on Rogation Days

These days of supplication recognize the providential care God has over creation.

The Gesù: When art came to the rescue

Lessons from the Counter-Reformation in how Beauty speaks to Truth

The day an Irish worker discovered an ancient manuscript, linking Irish church to Egypt

The conservator called the finding miraculous: “We never before had to deal with a manuscript recovered from a bog."

Care to see what the Holy Mass looked like in the 15th century?

A historical reenactment of the liturgy in the 1400s, on video

Catherine of Siena: Doctor of the Church and Unforgettable Fire

A woman wielding power, influence and wisdom to which most moderns can only aspire