Faith in the Bavarian Alps

Photo of the Day: January 23, 2018

Pilgrimage to history: Family traces paths of forebears in the Church

Indiana couple spent five and a half years getting to know their diocese, one church at a time.

“Aporophobia makes us indifferent,” the Archbishop of Tangier warns

"Where there were poor people, we have been made to see organized crime, terrorists, rapists, and drug dealers."

Steps from Central Park, a church where everyone can find a home

The world needs the singular spiritual refuge that our sacred spaces offer.

Should the Church apologize for past use of corporal punishment in Catholic schools?

Many Catholics carry old wounds from a time when the culture was very different.

3 Ways to improve parish outreach to potential converts

The “open secret” among Protestant converts to Catholicism is that many RCIA programs are underwhelming, if not deeply disappointing.

The big embarrassing problem that Child in the manger left us

We're all sometimes dissatisfied with the Church as we experience it, but Flannery O'Connor has seriously good advice for us.

Cardinal Dolan remembers Fr. Andrew Apostoli as “a light shining in darkness”

Hundreds bid farewell to founding member of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal at New York funeral

Why keep the holy days hidden?

We see what people care about by the energy they put into it. Parishes should take note.

Archaeologists discover how old the Holy Sepulchre really is

The dates align with historical records regarding Constantine's efforts to claim the site.

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