Classical Music

For Pope Benedict, Music is Inspired By An Encounter with the Divine

Sadly, so many Christians have been deprived of beautiful sacred music

Video: How Many Priests Does It Take To Sing The Ave Maria?

Classical musical trio from Northern Ireland honor Mary with their talent.

Video: These Birds On A Wire Make Classical Music

A musician’s interpretation of a common outdoor scene.

Video: Three year-old Stuns Audience When He Leads Adult Orchestra

Young Russian boy shows off his incredible drumming ability in performance of Offenbach’s "Can-Can"

Video: #1 Billboard Classical Album Artists Are Nuns Who Sing Like Angels

A peek behind the making of "Angels and Saints at Ephesus."

Taking Culture to the Streets

Art does not exist in an elitist vacuum. Nor was it ever meant to – a fact made ever more evident as opportunities to experience classical music in everyday contexts continue to multiply.

“Requiem Æternam”: A Closer Look at the Mass for the Dead (Part I)

The haunting prayers of the Requiem liturgy have long inspired composers to set the texts to evocative musical arrangements. Here's a look at how one of history's most beloved composers used music to …

Recycling Mozart and the Landfill Harmonic

Beautiful music coming from the the unlikeliest of places

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