Confession: Must we tell the priest all our sins?

The Sacrament of Reconciliation concerns all sins, but do we have to tell everything to our confessor?

Christianity reopened big after its 1st pandemic

In fact, pandemics in the first and again in the 2nd centuries led to the expansion of the Church.

What is the spiritual equivalent of a Fitbit?

Underlying this practice is the conviction that God is at every moment laboring to “turn our hearts toward Him.”

D.C.’s Dominican Friars set up roadside confessions for Holy Week

The House of Studies mobilizes to minister the penitential sacrament.

Drive-through Confession: How one priest is tending his flock during pandemic

Fr. Matthew Fish couldn’t arrange the confessionals in his church according to new guidelines, so he took the confessional outside.

Pope addresses what to do since many can’t get to Confession

Francis cites the Catechism to encourage the faithful to express contrition, and make resolve to return to Sacrament as soon as it becomes possible

What makes for a good confession?

A truly good confession allows us to get rid of sins we have committed and draw spiritual strength to stand up to our vices.

“You did it to me”: Don’t forget sins of omission

When you die, Jesus won’t ask: Did you feel positive about humanity?

Pope says we should take a lesson from how kids go to confession

The Bishop of Rome says he loves to hear children's confessions and that we have to learn how to relate to God as they show us in the sacrament

An autistic priest with advice for autistic penitents and those who hear their Confessions

Added to the regular nervousness is our extra sensory or social difficulties, but these tips can help.

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