Coptic Christians

This priest climbs a steep cliff every day to get to church (VIDEO)

Faith moves mountains ... in more than one way.

“We are Copts. And we are ready for anything”

“We know that other attacks are likely to happen at any time."

A church honoring the 21 Egyptian Copts murdered by ISIS, dedicated in Egypt

Three years after the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts, the church was dedicated in presence of their families.

Coptic church and Christian-owned shop attacked in Egypt

Security beefed up as Copts prepare to celebrate Christmas

When Christians defended their Muslim brothers

Photo of the Day: December 16, 2017

Did you know Muslims pray in a similar way to some Christians?

Prostrations, prayers rugs and fixed times of prayer are all traits of Christian devotion, though the prayers themselves are very different.

Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?

After the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, no one knows for sure where the Ark of the Covenant ended up. But 45 million Ethiopian Orthodox Christian beg to differ.

The Coptic martyrs of Minya: poignant accounts of their final moments

Just days after 29 Coptic Christians were murdered by ISIS in central Egypt, accounts have emerged which testify to their admirable end.

Pope Francis: Coptic Christians killed in bus attack are “courageous martyrs”

“May the Lord receive into His peace these courageous witnesses, these martyrs, and convert the hearts of the terrorists.”

Remembering the martyrs, Pope Francis marks “Day of Friendship” between Copts and Catholics

“May we continue to advance together on our journey towards the same Eucharistic table, and grow in love and reconciliation.”