With other religious leaders, Pope reflects on those who taunted Jesus: Save yourself

To think of only saving ourselves and our own circle is a great temptation, says Pope Francis.

Will we ever get back to the good old days of hugs and kisses?

It's only natural to miss the way things were before, but there are reasons for hope and peace while we wait for the pandemic to end.

New to homeschooling? Here’s how to troubleshoot 3 common problems

A few solutions to homeschooling struggles you may be facing. 

A deadly plague ended when this image was carried in procession in Rome

The icon "Health of the Roman People" is associated with a miraculous cleansing of the air during the reign of St. Gregory the Great.

How Psalm 23 can help you endure COVID-19

Psalm 23 reminds us that even though death may surround us, God is at our side.

Ask God to send angels to protect your child’s school building

In the age of COVID-19, surround your child's school building with angelic protection.

Prayer for teachers, students and protection from diseases

This prayer invokes the intercession of St. Joseph Calasanz, patron of schoolchildren and a saint who helped plague victims.

Pittsburgh Catholics bring COVID intentions to annual Cholera Day Mass

The Catholic community has kept the tradition alive as part of a 170-year devotion to St. Roch.

During an epidemic St. Pius X treated the sick and buried the dead

As a parish priest St. Pius X, celebrated funerals alone and buried the dead in the midst of a cholera epidemic.

Do I need to go to confession before going back to Mass?

It is always necessary to examine your conscience before receiving Holy Communion, especially if it has been several months since you last received the sacrament.