Supreme Court stays execution of inmate who was to die without chaplain

Texas Catholic leaders filed amicus brief in case of Ruben Gutierrez.

Priest gets permission to pray with the dying in the largest hospital in Latin America

This Rosary of Hope program lets people around the world spiritually adopt those fighting the virus.

Couples grieving the loss of a child now have support in this new ministry

From conception onward, each child's life has immeasurable value.

Catholic graphic artist makes digital memorials for COVID-19 victims

The Brooklyn resident took up her mission after losing a family member to the world pandemic.

Mourning our parents: How can we overcome that loss?

How to grieve a mother or father who has played such a profound role in who we are.

How my kids and I are dealing with grief and mourning in isolation

How do you find consolation after the death of a loved one when you can't have a funeral?

New York State rescinds DNR order for EMT personnel

"Human dignity demands reasonable effort be made to save a person’s life," state's Catholic bishops say.

How to mourn if you can’t be at the funeral

In this time when we may not be able to say goodbyes in person, it's vitally important to still mark our loved one's passing and grieve the loss.

How one family is coping with their father’s death from the coronavirus

In the face of immense suffering, this mother finds strength and hope in Christ and His promise of eternal life.

7 Duties of dying Christians: Can we imitate Christ in this, too?

Death can be about more than individual preferences. It can be an opportunity for final acts of love.

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