Why the secret to dying well is living well

If you desire a peaceful death, then start living now in a way that prepares for it.

Standing at my mother-in-law’s deathbed, I had a glimpse of heaven

A reflection on death, life, and God's thirst for each one of us.

8 Ways that keeping your mortality in mind can change your life

It seems counter-intuitive, but accepting that each of us will die helps us live our lives more fully.

8 Quotes to reflect on from the late Chadwick Boseman

Behind the talent was a man of strength and humility.

Prayer for those who will die today

Ask God to have mercy on those who are in their last agony and will breathe their last breath in this moment.

The child I miscarried is loved by God, and will be forever

When we lost our little one at only 9 weeks' gestation, we wanted to honor his life with a funeral, knowing his soul lives with God for eternity.

An open letter to a friend who believes old age is meaningless

Old age is an opportunity to draw close to the Lord and surrender all that is not of Him.

A Catholic priest’s homily at the funeral of his son

Fr. Albert Scharbach, a priest with the Ordinariate, presided at the Reqiuem Mass for his son Isaac, and his words are moving hearts.

Prayer for a peaceful death in light of Mary’s Assumption

Ask God to be purified in soul so as to experience a similar peaceful passage from this life to the next.

Prayer for a dying friend or family member

When a loved one you know is dying, here is a prayer you can pray on their behalf.

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