Son’s response to his devout mother’s death even surprised a priest

His mother's style of faith helped him see death from a different perspective.

Avril Lavigne’s new single was inspired by a close brush with death

"Head Above Water" was inspired by a moment of prayer when the singer thought she was dying.

Advice you absolutely need before someone close to you gets close to dying

Big talks aren't necessary, but you do want to say a few things ...

The stages of grief after a miscarriage

Mourning parents often need help to work through the four stages of grief after losing a child in the womb.

Facing a cancer relapse, a husband and father is full of gratitude to God

“Faced with the real prospect of dying, all I can do is thank God from my heart.”

Studies acknowledge how traumatic miscarriage is — so why doesn’t society?

The traumatic aftermath of a miscarriage, even an early one, is an empirically proven, statistically significant trend.

At least 22 killed in bridge collapse near Genoa, Italy

Trucks and cars tumble 300 feet after storm takes out part of span

The death penalty in the U.S.: What you need to know

With fewer executions in the U.S., support for death penalty has declined over last 20 years.

What happened when 9 women joined together to look immortality in the face

A Catholic retreat in Colorado is helping women healing from cancer a chance to reflect on the deeper realities of life and death.

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