What does a happy death look like for you?

No one likes to suffer, but there's a great gift in it that we may be overlooking.

How one dad made sure his daughter knew his love … long after he was dead

Bailey Sellers' father wanted to make sure that she knew he was still watching over her.

5 Tips for grieving a parent who died way too young

We don't wish this situation on anyone, but if you are, these tips can help.

Shopper’s tweet about grieving her late dad triggers outpouring of love

A red sweater on a rack started it off, and even J. K. Rowling and James Cordon joined in.

Memento mori: I’m planning my funeral, what about you?

I attend a lot of funerals, and as the final sending away hymn is played, my own mortality comes to mind.

Dying mother’s moving last letter to her daughter

This beautiful parting gift has a few words of wisdom for us all.

7 Things you must not forget to say before you die

Long before any last words are necessary, here's a great way to make sure you have no regrets.

Missing Moby: On losing a faithful companion

He was a great dog, a special dog, but most of all he was my dog.

Why do some priests wear violet at funerals, while others wear white or black?

Each liturgical color emphasizes a different aspect of death.

NFL wide receiver Marquise Goodwin scores touchdown hours after he lost his unborn son

His photo of his baby boy's tiny hand evokes prayers and support on social media

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