3 Things you should never say to someone who’s grieving

Stop telling mourners to "just pray" ... there's something more helpful you can do.

Is “Swedish Death Cleaning” the latest decluttering fad?

If Kondo-ing hasn't worked for you, this way of simplifying just might.

Tom Petty provided the soundtrack to my life

"Petty spoke to the hearts of guys like me. He was a writer of music for me, whatever stage of life I was in ..."

Lessons of the lioness: There is hope beyond grief

When the worst happens, the mother lions wail it out and disturb the night, but they do not stay there.

Grieving grandfather’s heartfelt gesture in Target reminds us not to take life for granted

A random encounter at the supermarket brings tears and gratitude to a mom and her son.

Remember your death: A memento mori playlist

If you cannot keep a skull on your desk, you might want to keep these tunes in your earbuds.

Depression or freedom, darkness or light?

Deep grief lays out its stark choices, and forces you to choose.

“Grief Tourism”: Travelers seek out sites touched by tragedy

If you have an attraction to places associated with death, you are not alone.

Memento Mori: How a skull on your desk will change your life

By keeping death "daily before one's eyes," life is made better.

Widower finds bittersweet photo of late wife in the wedding dress she never wore

And by sharing it, John Polo teaches us a few things about love and grief.

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