What living is like when you’re slowly dying

"No, you don't have hope for a normal life. You have hope for an incredible life."

94-year-old gives neighborhood kids an incredible gift after losing his wife

Filling the air with the noise of children is one man's way of coping with grief.

Memento mori: In the midst of death, you must look

Death tells us, “Look carefully. See what you’ve got.”

Charlie Gard dies, leaving bereaved parents and a big conversation

In the end, even their desire to allow him to die at home was turned down

Little Martamaria’s 5 days of life were a hymn to love

The personal testimony of a couple who refused abortion and welcomed their baby girl, knowing she would die.

A widower’s lament: My faith is strong, but dead is dead

Knowing that death is only a transition to eternity does not make my grief for my wife any less.

How can we as Church do better on suicide?

We might think we're among the compassionate ones. But are we really?

Widowed with children: how a young soccer star has coped

A recent BBC documentary takes a look at Rio Ferdinand's personal story and the toll grief takes on young widowers.

Mom reminds us of the importance of child car safety in heartbreaking post (VIDEO)

With car accidents being the number one child killer, a must-read for any parent.

Why are some saints depicted with skulls next to them?

It seems strange and morbid - well, that's exactly the point.

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