Three-year-old boy melts hearts as he comforts dying baby brother

The simple words this three-year-old spoke to his brother are heartbreaking and beautiful.

A letter to a dying man

What could I say to a man of faith whose days were numbered?

How my 7-year-old’s first experience of death was deeply imbued with peace … and even joy

Our accidental encounter with a coffin brought home the beauty of our faith

Why Mardi Gras means life — and death — to me

Happy memories of a childhood in New Orleans combine with more painful recollections as we approach Lent.

After my miscarriage, I was suddenly surrounded by the culture of death

My well-meaning doctors and caretakers thought that the most comforting thing would be to deny the reality of the death, or deny that every death is cause for weeping.

No suffering goes unused

People going through this kind of thing often want a magic answer, a technique or a trick of the trade, something to do that will actually help. I knew that from experience. I also knew there isn’t …

Tom Brady surprises heartbroken family with handwritten letter

Catholic family consoled by personal letter from NFL superstar

Debbie Reynolds’ last words are a hope of Heaven that Pope Francis might endorse

Where we will be reunited with those who have gone before us in faith

Life and death in one parish community

How many places in the modern world allow us to be so human together—to weep and sit with each other in silence?

5 Prayers to pray when you’re in fear of death

Powerful words to keep at hand “now and in the hour of our death”

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