What the Star of Our High School Football Team Meant to Me

He inspired me at a time in my life when little else was going my way. But now he’s gone.

Why the Culture of Life Will Win

Subhumanism has one fatal flaw that ensures its ultimate demise.

The True Myth: How Jesus Saved the World

If it looks like Jesus has lost on Good Friday, just wait until Easter...

What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Death

We have stopped talking about the after-life even as science offers more evidence for it.

Wise Blood: Heather King on Prayer and the Interior Life

Don’t try to tame religion: the stakes really are life-or-death.

Why Don’t Catholics Practice Snake-Handling?

A snake-handling pastor in Kentucky recently died of a snake bite. Snake-handlers cite the Bible to support the practice, so why aren't Catholics bringing snakes to Mass?

Touching Death: Mourning Physically through Burial

When my father died, we buried him ourselves: opening the earth, setting him in it, and mounding the earth back. The experience was extraordinary, and one I found to be a gift.

C.S. Lewis, Catholic Gateway Drug

Fifty years since his death, it’s clear C.S. Lewis’ writings have been incredibly effective for helping others do what he never did: join the Catholic Church.

“Requiem Æternam”: A Closer Look at the Mass for the Dead (Part II)

In continued observance of the Church's call to pray for the Faithful Departed, this meditation on the Requiem Mass, as adapted by Gabriel Fauré, reminds us of the glory that awaits those who die in …

Greater than Any Pain of this Life: The Hard Truth About Purgatory

You don’t want to go there, and you don’t want your loved ones there either. Have you prayed for the dead lately?